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iPhone 4S images appear on Apple’s website

DAMMIT! I am not impressed.


iPhone 5 preview: An exclusive look from Next Media Animation (by NMATV) - Slightly NSFW



Missed Opportunity…

Why the heck is Apple announcing the iPhone on the 4th?

Why wouldn’t they announce the iPhone 5, and iOS 5 on October 5th?

A trifecta of fives! Works so much better for marketing.

Plus, it would send the rumor mill into a frenzy as they tried to justify the meaning behind Apple picking the date to coincide with their announcements, haha


Twas the Night Before Apple's Keynote

Haha. Wow.


Siri Cofounder: Apple “Assistant” Launch Will Be “World Changing Event”

Siri cofounder Norman Winarsky said recently that if Apple is launching its rumored Siri-powered “Assistant” virtual personal assistant, it won’t just be a big deal, it will be a “world changing event” that could well usher in yet another Apple-led “technology revolution.”


Apple to hold special 'Back to the Mac' event on October 20th

Apple will hold a special media event next Wednesday to reveal its latest offerings in the Mac space, which may include new MacBook Airs, a preview of Mac OS X 10.7, and an unveiling of iLife and iWork ‘11.

Set to kick-off at 10:00 am Pacific time on Wednesday, October 20th in the Town Hall on Apple’s Cupertino Campus, 


Apple Holding Music-Related Event On September 1!